Wednesday, May 7, 2008

when the EAST is in the house....


Congrats to one of the OG's in Hip-Hop (Hawaii and the World) to our boy East3 of Rock Steady Crew fame. He has been up to huge things all over the world... and NSK got nothing but respect. (for the Record, dude has a nice Jump Shot as well... we know).

He Recently premiered his latest project in New York City: His own toy with KID ROBOT!

To celebrate this, NSK and DIG Lifestyles is throwing him a party... and we doin' it real big!

East3/KidRobot Toy Release + Casual (Heiro) + Noc Boys + Creed + Dig Lifestyles + Best music of the 90's (Hip-Hop/House/R&B/Reggae/anything goes). what more can I say???

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