Friday, October 31, 2008

5 Minutes With DJ Compose

What's poppin' HI? Allow me to re-introduce myself. I go by the name KNOWxONE, which is also the name of a Hip-Hop blog I run. I'm 100% Hapon, but I hate rice and any car manufactured by Honda, so that breaks any direct stereotypes off the jump. I also enjoy a good Celine Dion album once in awhile, which further breaks any stereotypes you may have heard about Asians, including that we all listen to J-Pop.
I once wanted to become a chef so I could learn how to toss a good salad, but I figured I could learn that if I ever get locked up (No Weezy).

(A little too much deadpan sarcasm for y'all to stomach). Keeping it forward moving, below is a video that Jason from The Star Bulletin put together of an interview with Jay yesterday. He speaks on how the CNTH x KNOWxONE mixtape came to fruition (pause), the days when NSK ruled the turntablism battle scenes, and living life with a Hustler's Ambition - minus the corny Yayo dance. Peep game. Keep it locked, I'll be providing a bunch of exclusives right here at this very spot, or you can catch me next door at

Five Minutes With: DJ Compose from Honolulu Star-Bulletin on Vimeo.

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