Thursday, December 4, 2008


I'm not gonna try and get all "Hypebeast" on ya'll... but this one really caught my eye! It is no secret that Louis Vutton is one the most reputable brands ever... and their marketing schemes has always been top notch! From the infamous Collabs with such notables as Murakami (how crazy is the 5th avenue store display... the whole building???) to ads featuring notable figures such as the illest "007" Sean Connery and Mikhail Gorbachev (gangsta!), L.V. never ceases to amaze. Their newest venture is collabing with Ms. Vogue herself, Madonna. She looks incredible, and for those who come to any of our events... there's as much of a chance you'll hear a Madonna joint as you would any other artist, she just that timeless.

*side note* speaking of Louis Vutton... how funny was this flyer???


cw said...

lol, is that your real luggage?

lemonade said...

madonna does look incredible but you can't ignore her face after watching Britney's "for the record." what happened?

Christina Stidman said...

go Jami!!!!!!!!!! you rock, friend!