Thursday, July 2, 2009

Soul Clap!

This past Friday proudly was our 3rd anniversary of SOUL CLAP! Thank you to everyone who has supported this event and the crew! It is much appreciated! Throughout the course of this party, we've had special guests and themes that made this party so renowned... and we will continue to strive to bring you the best (quality over quantity).

(DJ logoe the Lurker)

This most recent edition of Soul Clap! was just days after the unfortunate passing of Michael Jackson, and although not intentional, this became the overlaying theme of the night... It was only right.

Big Up to the fam who always hold us down, especially Dosomethingtonight and the homie Christa for the kind words at the Honolulu Weekly.

We gonna keep it movin! We got DJ AYERS* from THE RUB crew coming in August... stay tuned!

*peep the best MJ mix out, period. mixed by DJ Ayers... Enjoy!

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La_Cutie said...

DST loves NSK and we will continue to party w/ you all.