Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Busy next two weeks

What's up party people? Although the summer sun is almost burning out, Nocturnal Sound Krew always got that heat that'll carry you over all year and all city. In the spirit of that classic saying, birds of the same feather flock together, your Honolulu City Bird Gang and Tassho's Flip The Bird are blessing you from up above.



Go to In4mation and throw it in the bag. And make sure to rock them at the following events:


The fashion people love them some Hawaiian Owls. Compose, Logoe and I will be the flyest dudes at this party. Check the technique and the resume. Oh yeah and we'll be deejaying too.

Yeah it's about that time again...


Hotel Street is buzzin right now.....


Samuel L. is hyped......why?


Soul Clap is back! This month we've got an incredible treat for the Soul Clap mob. This month's special guest DJ is DJ Ayres from the legendary Brooklyn party- The Rub. Combining everything from 80's pop and disco to house, reggae and hip-hop, The Rub provides something for everyone no matter what you're into and is considered an institution in NYC nightlife. Check out Brooklyn Radio for tons of mixes from Ayres and the rest of The Rub

Make sure to RSVP so you don't get taxed at the door- NO GUEST LIST

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