Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Empire State of Mind

An actual update? Yes, I know at times this page can start to become the "best of Youtube" at times, but we wanna let you know that we are on our grizzle and got tons of cool stuff for you and yours... so, let's start it like this:

This party keeps getting better and better... typically saturdays are a tough draw in Downtown, but you would never know this if you come thru to SHAKE + POP! If we don't have the best Party (which I humbly do believe), at least we got the best flyers... BLAME IT ON THE A-A-A-A-A-ALCOHOL!

Also that evening, check DJ Eskae wearing something Neon colored (I heard he is leaning towards something pink)

This sunday is the Fresh Cafe & Aloha De Nime Grand Opening Party... we'll be there supporting the fam! Congrats Tiff!

We are super excited for this month's SOUL CLAP for two reasons. 1.) It is the after party for the 2by2 benefit (awesome!). 2.) This month's guest DJ is a huge influence to the Nocturnal Sound Krew... DJ SUB-ZERO Hailing from the infamous STONE GROOVE FAMILY! Man, coming up, I remember vividly going to parties in the 90's where Sub-Zero would be KILLING IT. Nevermind these New school cats doin a term paper while spinning, this guy has Flav! Truly an honor to have this dude on deck!

Our sister crew the HOT MUFFINS have a banger in there hands with this one! none other than Dim Mak's STEVE AOKI is coming to Hawaii. Do I really need to hype this one up? thought so.

De La Soul. Biz Markie. Tassho Pearce. Noc Boys. Pow!

Forgive the emo picture, but we feel it is appropriate... It is about a month away before our own DJ JAMI moves to the New York!!! So this is an added incentive for everyone to come and swang with us before he leaves to takeover the Big Apple! NSK in NYC!

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